Your **storytelling** experts

What we do

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    We harness truths

    Crafting a great brand story means thinking deeply about what you say and how you say it. By engaging with stakeholders and asking the right questions, we uncover valuable behavioural and market truths that will inform your brand’s authentic voice. This is the first step in creating evocative messaging that inspires change by addressing your audience’s core challenges, values and desires.

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    We build strategies

    With your creative insights gathered, we create an optimised plan of action for how we’ll reach your audience and meet your commercial goals. In other words, your content strategy is a pirate map and the ‘X’ marks the spot where you connect with your audience. We develop consumer profiles and bespoke messaging, delivering a comprehensive communications plan.

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    We produce ideas

    We breathe life into your content strategy with a big idea that solves your commercial challenge and speaks to your ideal customer. Trust is hard-earned but easily lost, so we focus on crafting a ground-breaking idea that positions your brand as authentic and trustworthy. This is how we get customers clicking, sharing and shouting your name from the rooftops.

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    We launch campaigns

    Once we’ve defined what you’ll say, how you’ll say it, and where we’ll share your message, it’s time to put your plan into action. We fine-tune the creation of your campaign assets, from videography and photography to copywriting and graphic design, bringing the big idea to life. Time to hit ‘share’ and release your story into the world.

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    We evaluate performance

    Likes. CTRs. Shares. Conversions. There are so many metrics to keep an eye on, it’s enough to make your head spin. Luckily, we love measuring audience response. Following the launch, we run in-depth evaluations to reveal your campaign’s real impact on audience behaviour. By gathering key insights on the behavioural change we drove, we can uncover opportunities to leverage or learn from.

What our clients say

  • “Albert Penn delivered work that far exceeded our expectations! The work was delivered in a professional, efficient and timely manner, a testament to their focus on always providing a great client experience.”

    Safia Ahmed

    E-Commerce Manager at West Ham United FC

  • “I can’t stop raving about these guys! They are professional personified, uber organised and talented to the gills… I’m torn between recommending them to everyone and not wanting to share them!”

    Alex Witney

    Marketing Director at Areaworks

  • “The images are currently driving a 5.5% click through rate, 3.6% above national average, so it's working really well. It got launched with an amazing response from the NHS commissioning groups, so we're rolling it out more widely.”

    Sarah Mather

    Marketing Manager at Vita Health Group